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Reviving Dry Winter Skin

Our skin requires different care and attention throughout the seasons. It does such a good job protecting us day in and day out that we can thank it by simply treating it with all-natural skincare ingredients and paying attention to what it needs throughout the year.

In the cooler months, we are either indoors hovered around our fireplaces, blasting our heaters, or spending time outside in the cold air. With low humidity, the dry indoor heat or brisk winter air zaps our skin’s natural oils, leaving us with dry or dull skin.

Here are some helpful tips to revive and rejuvenate dry, cracked, or dull winter skin!

Winter sckincare tips

  • Moisturize More!

We can rejuvenate dry, cracked, or dull skin by adding in more all natural body and face moisturizers throughout the day.

  • Moisturize Right Before Bed

Applying moisturizer is especially helpful to use at night right before bed. While we sleep, our cells are busy at work. By using a face antioxidant serum, organic face cream, hand, foot and body lotion or oil before bed (or all of them!) our body can slowly absorb them into our skin to hydrate all throughout the night without having to worry about protecting us against the outdoor elements and pollutants.

  • Cleanse Less and Use Cool or Warmer Water in the Winter Months

To keep the moisture our skin naturally produces healthy and happy, it also helps to cleanse less in the winter months. If you usually wash your face twice a day, try only washing with a gentle cleanser once at night before bed. After cleansing, swap your morning routine with just cool or warm water, a face cream, and/or all natural sunblock. If you usually wash your face once a day, try skipping a day by washing with just cool water and amp up your moisturizing. Though, do remove all makeup before bed.

In short, moisturize moisturize moisturize! Keep that beautiful glow all year round with your all natural skincare routine, eat high-antioxidant foods, drink plenty of water or tea, consume foods with high omega-3 fatty acids, and apply natural face serums, antioxidant creams, and hand and body lotions in the morning and at night, and as often as you like to revive dry winter skin.

Feel free to email me with any questions or guidance about your particular skin type!

Wishing you a very happy and healthy winter,



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