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Rachel's Story

Sharing the love of aromatherapy through Topsy

​My goal with Topsy Blends is to help people heal, whether it's from the outside in, or the inside out - I want to help ease physical and emotional pain and the daily stresses that come with being human. My goal is to share health, wellness, and happiness with my energy, every blend I make, and the information I offer.

Essential oils are just about the only thing I have found to be completely holistic to benefit the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously.


Each of my blends are designed to promote peace, health, balance, and joy, while providing serious solutions to daily problems like headaches, pain, acne, stress, and sleepless nights.


You may find that the Radiant Face skincare line is also relaxing, not only because it promotes youthful skin and a clear complexion, but also because the essential oils are soothing to both the mind and body.


While most of my blends do have a specific purpose, you might just find many of them to be multi-treatment tools that you will want to take with you wherever you go!

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Topsy Blends' products are handcrafted with all-natural ingredients made in Rachel's AromaZone Apothecary in Eugene, Oregon.

Here are some snippets of the apothecary! 

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Scroll through some of the D.I.Y. workshops Rachel has taught over the years!

A little more about me...

What drew me to essential oils originally

After years of experiencing daily, chronic stomach pain, I was desperate to find something, anything, that could help me. I would feel nauseous before I ate, and then felt pain and inflammation after I ate; it was a lose-lose situation that had
gone on for way too long. I had gone to doctors, I tried different diets and exercise rituals, and tried just about every home remedy- none of which had helped. Then my sister, Joy, introduced me to essential oils. With the very little information I knew about essential oils, I knew at the very least that peppermint oil was cooling, which seemed like a step in the right direction. Little did I know that peppermint oil was also anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving), carminative (gas relieving), and helps relieve muscle spasms. After applying a small amount of peppermint and Apricot Kernel Oil before and after I ate, I stopped experiencing the nausea and pain that I had almost become accustomed to. Not only did the pain cease, but I felt emotionally lighter, energized and less stress and frustration because I had found something that actually helped me- naturally! From them on, I was hooked. I was open to trying any and all essential oils and knew that my physical and emotional well-being could only be improved from there.

I believe essential oils have helped positively transform my reality because a lot of what I was battling stemmed from deep emotional pain and trauma from childhood. I lost my mom early on from Breast Cancer, had an abusive step-mother, and ended up living with my unstable oldest sister throughout my teen years. We hold a lot of trauma in our gut, and if left neglected, we end up with things like serious stomach problems that traditional western medicine cannot fix. Essential oils work holistically with the body whether we intend to use them that way or not, which makes them so healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. When we use essential oils with intentional self-work, it opens up much more potential for deeper healing.

Next step as certified aromatherapist

After years of being an essential oil enthusiast, I decided to take my passion and studies to the next level and become a certified aromatherapist. I wanted to find out why and how essential oils had been helping me, and dive more into the chemistry, specific aroma characteristics, and therapeutic properties of essential oils. 

Making products for others

As a certified aromatherapist, I began by making household items to replace the chemical based products I already had, and then quickly started replacing all of my face, body and home products with all-natural solutions. My friends and family started requesting my products and encouraged me to share my knowledge and love of essential oils with more people, which got me to where I am today. I'm so grateful to share what I love to do with others and I hope you can feel this love and intention that I put into any and every Topsy Blend you try! 

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