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Topsy Blends Aromatherapy FAQ

  • What are aromatherapy products good for?
    In short, so many things! Essential oils have been well-known to help with aches, pains, rashes, sleep health, blemishes, anxiety, stomach discomforts, and on and on! My product line covers a wide range of holistic remedies to help us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Do you have something for _____x,y,z_______?"
    Most likely! And if I don’t have something already created for your specific ailment or need, I am happy to develop a unique blend specifically made just for you! Please feel free to contact me for special orders or personal consultations.
  • What brands of essential oils do you use?
    When looking for my essential oil suppliers, I am primarily interested in the oils’ quality and their chemistry make up. I only use oils from suppliers that I am able to attain a GC/MS report from, which tells me the precise chemical constituents of an essential oil and whether it is pure or adulterated with synthetic chemicals. I choose to order through supplier's who support farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. With that in mind, I order through a few different suppliers as some run out of stock of certain oils due to rough harvest and other environmental impacts. I primarily source my organic, therapeutic oils through Aromatics International and Stillpoint Aromatics.
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