Topsy Blends Aromatherapy FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What brands of essential oils do you use?

I’m not a believer of only using one specific brand name’s oils. I am primarily interested in the oils’ quality and their chemistry make up. I only use oils from suppliers that I am able to attain a GC/MS report from, which tells me the precise chemical constituents of an essential oil, and whether it is pure or adulterated with synthetic chemicals or other products. Also, each supplier often only carries a limited supply or can run out of stock with certain oils due to a rough harvest and other environmental impacts, so I am able to access different types of oils by using

multiple suppliers.

I primarily source my oils through Aromatics International, but also use StillpointAromatics and Plant Therapy. I use Mountain Rose Herbs for all carrier oils and lotions.

What are aromatherapy products good for?

In short, so many things! Essential oils can help with aches, pains, rashes, insomnia, blemishes, anxiety and on and on! My product line covers a wide range of objectives to help us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do you have something for _____x,y,z_______?

Most likely! And if I don’t have something already created for your specific ailment or need, I am happy to develop a unique blend specifically made just for you! Please feel free to contact me for special orders or personal consultations.