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Let's Get Warm & Cozy

Cozy up with a pair of fluffy socks, a soft blanket, and warming essential oils!

No wonder spicy, warming scents remind us of the holidays. They bring us warmth just when we need them most during the cold, wintery months.

In essential oil terms “warming" refers to warmth in two ways-

emotionally and physically.

Emotionally, these oils can be used to generate motivation, confidence, and energy. This is done by inhaling the spicy notes of these oils’ therapeutic aromas. Great to diffuse on these darker, colder days when we need a little extra help tackling the day’s to-dos.

Physically, they increase blood flow! These oils are considered “rubefacient” which means they are known to promote blood circulation, open the blood vessels, and literally warm the area with increased localized blood circulation, which is excellent for topical pain relief.

Try one of these favorite warming oils topically to

increase blood flow for cozy comforts:

Please note- warming oils can be irritating to the skin. These essential oils are not an oil to use willy-nilly on the skin! They are powerful, heavily concentrated plant matter and are to be used with care and caution.

It’s best to use proper dilutions when using topically.

If you want to get super cozy this winter season, try the Sweater Weather essential oil blend! It’s a perfect balance of sweetness of tangerine, lemon, & orange with the warming spice notes of clove, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. It truly smells like holiday happiness in a bottle.

You can use this blend in a diffuser, on diffuser necklaces or diffuser bracelets, simply inhale out of the bottle, OR dilute for topical use for aches and pains!

Whichever oil you try, I hope it brings you a sense of ease and comfort.

Feel free to reach out at any time with questions! You can email me at :)

All the very best to you this holiday season,

Rachel, your neighborhood aromatherapist.

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