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8 Essential Oils for Self-Love & Passion

aromatherapy for passion

Whether you celebrate Galentine’s day, a day of self love, or go all out for the full meal deal with your special someone, Valentine's Day a great time to focus on giving and receiving the best gift of all, love.♥

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful tools we can use to encourage love, intimacy, and opening up the heart.

Just by smelling and inhaling therapeutic essential oils, you are making an immediate connection with your cerebral cortex that affects your mood and drive. What better way to foster love on all levels than using aromatherapy!

Here are some of the most prized essential oils that help promote

love, sensuality and passion:

  1. Geranium - A beautiful oil to expand the imagination and intuition. It also helps open the heart up and allow intimate communication.

  2. Ginger - A spicy, but sweet oil that helps spice up vitality and libido.

  3. Jasmine Absolute - Incredibly floral and sensual oil that is perfect to help inspire love, boost confidence, and release negative self talk. Perfect to promote optimistic energy!

  4. Patchouli - This one kinda has a bad wrap due to people overusing it, or using it to mask b.o. but it is SUCH a beautiful oil. Earthy, but deeply calming and balancing to the overall system. It truly is one of the best essential oils for opening the heart and has been traditionally used to ignite sensuality for years and years.

  5. Rose Absolute - Need I say more? What says LOVE more than a sweet rose. Rose is an incredible healing oil to nurture the heart and promote love on the deepest of levels. Perfect to help mend wounds of the heart, as well as to open the heart up and focus on self love.

  6. Sandalwood - This beautiful oil is excellent for supporting inner unity and promoting sensuality. It has also been used for energetic and emotional protection.

  7. Vanilla Absolute - Nothing like the sensual, rich scent of vanilla! It has been known to heighten the senses and can be used for all things romance!

  8. Ylang Ylang - Another powerful, rich, floral oil. It is excellent for promoting sensual awakening and encouraged feelings of euphoria while also providing peace and balance within.

If you are looking to ignite some passion, tune in to your own needs and desires, or open your heart for the first time in a while, I hope you give one or some of these essential oils a try this Valentine’s Day.

I offer all of these organic essential oils online and in shop at the Topsy Blends Apothecary in Downtown Eugene. Come on by for some lovely smells- always nice to try before you buy! :)

I also have a ton of love potions already made you might be interested in as well,

like these aromatherapy blends!

Blossom Multipurpose Oil with Rose, Vanilla, and Lavender in an herbal infusion for skin, ends of hair, nails, and makes for a lovely, sensual massage oil.

Shine Bright Affirmation roll on with Jasmine, Sandalwood and Sweet Orange + an Oregon Quartz Crystal to amplify the energetic properties of the blend. Great for an everyday perfume to encourage self-love, confidence and to lift the spirit.

Lavender Rose Water - a multipurpose spritzer for an air, body and room spray. Perfect for calming the mind and body, opening the heart and embracing your sensuality.

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day, I hope your love cup is overflowing!

Sending you all the best wishes today and always,

Your neighborhood aromatherapist, Rachel ♥

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