This Lavender Rose Water is a lovely, refreshing multipurpose spritzer that can be used for face, air, body, and spirit for an assortment of purposes. 


It's a beautiful blend of therapeutic essential oils and handcrafted infused herbal waters.


Smells like "nectar of the Gods", or so it has been called. ♥


It really can be used for so many things! It is truly a multipurpose mist. 


Some use it as: 

♥ Face Toner

♥ Skin Hydrator 

♥ Makeup Setter

♥ Cooling Mist (especially if sprayed on the back of the neck!)

♥ Deodorizing

♥ Stress Reliever

♥ After Sun Mist

♥ __________ - a new reason you found to use it! 


This 4oz. Lavender Rose spritzer is a perfect addition to all skincare rituals! 

Lavender Rose Water - Multipurpose Spritzer


🌿Organic Lavender water, Organic Rose water (handmade) aloe vera gel, witch hazel and 100% Pure Therapeutic essential oils of Lavender, Rose Absolute, and Geranium.