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The Great Omni Oil (aka The G.O.O.) is a vitamin rich, all natural, deeply moisturizing, head to toe "everything" body oil; specially crafted for sensitive skin.


This magnificent oil is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and polyphenols providing nourishment and protection for your skin making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for healthy, youthful, glowing skin.


Beyond deeply nourishing and hydrating your beautiful skin, The Great Omni oil has many, many uses.


This blend was developed as a solution to my swollen lymph nodes after Breast Cancer surgery. After months of research, test batches, and daily use, I'm here to tell you it not only took my under arm discomfort away, but it helped smooth my scars and balance my skin's complexion after radiation treatment! 


My research led me to discover the other immense benefits of this blend.


Here is the growing list of uses for The GOO: 

♥ Lymph Circulation Support  

♥ Skin Irritations, Eczema, and Rashes for dry, cracked, itchy skin 

♥ UV Protection for before and after sun - (Great to wear under sunblock!)

♥ Natural Bug Repellant for nasty mosquitos and ticks

♥ Skin Softening

♥ Relaxing Bath Oil 

♥ Scar Repair

♥ Skin Toning

♥ Nourishing Hair Oil

♥ Soothing Massage

♥ After Sun Soother for Sunburns

♥ Breast Oil 

♥ After Shave Oil 

♥ Stretch Marks 

♥ Stress Soother

♥ Hormone Balancing Support

♥ Beard Oil

♥ Cellulite Smoother 

♥ Pain Relief

♥ Cuticle Oil

♥ Full Body Oil for Youthful, Healthy Skin 

♥ ...A new way you found to use it! (Please do share with us!)


For detailed descriptions as to how to use The G.O.O. for each of the above benefits, bask in the goodness of The Great Omni Oil Page.


The Great Omni Oil will also come with a QR code on the label that takes you straight to The Great Omni Oil Page to visit anytime you need a refresh.


Size Options: 

2oz. Adventure Size perfect for traveling, especially when used as a UV protector or bug repellent!  (PET Plastic Pump Bottle)


4oz. Glass Pump for daily use.


8.5oz. Refill Size to refill your 2oz. or 4oz bottles!


I hope you find this oil lives up to its name and enjoy all of The Great benefits of luxurious smooth Omni Oil. 


The Great Omni Oil • (The GOO) Head to Toe "Everything" Oil for Sensitive Skin

PriceFrom $18.00
  • Aroma Notes


    Bursting with botanical goodness, the scent of G.O.O is like a lush garden after a Spring rain — light and freshly botanical — and like a garden it is neither masculine nor feminine, but simply pure, fresh, and natural.

  • The Feel

    The Great Omni Oil smooths on like liquid silk and absorbs quickly leaving you with smooth, silky, deeply hydrated skin and a whisper of soft, fresh scent. 

  • Ingredients

    A Skin Nourishing Blend of Organic Pacific Northwest Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E, Pure Essential Oils of Juniper Berry, Geranium,