The name says it all. Take a couple sniffs and snooze away into dreamland with this calming blend of essential oils.


The Sniff and Snooze Aromatherapy Inhaler is your bedside buddy for a good night's rest and for help relieving stress and anxiety.


This aromatherapy inhaler is a helpful all-natural sleep aid for those of us who have trouble falling asleep, battle with insomnia, or would like stress and anxiety relief before bed. 


This relaxing aromatherapy inhaler also perfect for anyone who would just like to relax, let go of the troubles of the day and get a good night’s rest.


The essential oils in this blend were chosen for their nurturing, stress-relieving, and calming properties.


These inhalers are a perfect all-natural sleep aid!

Sniff and Snooze Aromatherapy Inhaler - Natural Sleep Aid


🌿 How It Works 🌿

Inhaling essential oils is the quickest way to receive the essential oil benefits directly to our whole internal system. 

Inhaling essential oils has a direct effect on infections and congestion within respiratory system by reaching nasal passages, sinuses, trachea, and lungs. 

This means, using aromatherapy inhalers may impact a variety of impulses that effect emotion, instinctive behavior, motivation, drive, feelings, learning and memory! 

They are perfect pocket sized companions, (about the size of chapstick) for whenever you might need a little help getting to sleep, or stress relief before bed.

Look no further for your sleep aid remedies.