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Best Essential Oils for All Natural Cleaning + Recipes!


Essential oils for all natural cleaning

Benefits of All Natural Cleaning

It's Easy Cleanin' Green! Using ingredients derived from nature can do the same jobs that those chemical-based products do! It’s easy, it’s affordable, and you might even find yourself enjoying the process.

Green Cleaning disinfects your home naturally, as well as fills the rooms with a lovely, natural aroma. It’s safe for your home, family, and the planet. Chemical-based cleaners can be tough on our immune system and can even cause allergies or respiratory issues. They can dry out our hands, cause irritations, and some synthetic ingredients contribute to indoor and water pollution... they seem to be causing more harm than good.

By using natural ingredients, on the other hand, you are improving your indoor air quality, helping environmental impacts, and might even boost your mood while you are at it!

Essential oils are incredibly effective and versatile for cleaning.

Many of the antimicrobial essential oils also have uplifting therapeutic benefits like Peppermint, Lemon, and Sweet Basil!

How Essential Oils Disinfect your Home Naturally

These essential oils are our germ-fighting allies. Citrus oils have a chemical compound in them called d-Limonene. d-Limonene has been studied and found to calm inflammation, get rid of germs (things like bacteria and viruses), support immunity, and clear congestion.

These oils are pretty darn handy to have around! While these oils have been studied and proven to support these claims, we cannot make medical claims on product labels unless they are approved by the FDA. So just because it’s not on the label, doesn’t mean they aren’t as powerful as chemical-based cleaners! Science does not have to mean artificial or synthetic.

Two easy-to-make essential oil-based cleaning recipes that will give your home a thorough Deep Green Clean!

*You can swap out the essential oils or mix and match with any one of the options above.

I hope you give these a try and enjoy the all-natural freshness of green cleaning!

Check out how easy it is to make in just a few minutes with simple steps in the video below.

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