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Earth Connections with Essential Oils

Essential oils to get grounded, centered, balanced, connected, and focused

Earth Connections with Essential Oils

Feeling grounded like a tall, strong tree


Being grounded is an innate skill that all of us are born with, so why is it so hard to feel balanced, centered and connected all the time?!

It can be difficult to maintain a sense of connection with the earth and its natural, balanced rhythm when you are trying to keep up with countless to-dos, your environmental surroundings, the online world, you know…life!

When we are feeling out of sync, we can use aromatherapy as a powerful method to ground ourselves. Using essential oils can help us emotionally and physically connect with the present moment, as well as find balance mentally, spiritually, and energetically.


When you aren’t grounded, you may feel more emotionally vulnerable. You can easily be thrown off balance by someone else’s energy. The more sensitive and empathic you are, the more prone you are to picking up emotions and energy from outside yourself, which can make it all the more difficult to stay rooted. When you are grounded, it doesn’t quite matter what is going on around you; you feel more connected with the Earth, but not as influenced by Earth’s happenings. Instead of the leaf that gets blown away in the wind, you are like a tall, strong tree rooted deep underground. No matter what is happening above the soil, you remain balanced, at peace, and grounded.


Some of the most grounding essential oils are distilled from wood. The trunk of a tree provides balance and core support to the tree, as well as conduct water and nutrients to it’s leaves, stems and flowers. Could it be a coincidence that oils extracted from wood can also support us by conducting our energy and providing us with spiritual and emotional balance? By using essential oils, you are working with nature, returning to center, and using the energy of the Earth to support you. This gives us a sense of connection and oneness to our Earth, as well as within ourselves and our relationships.

Three powerful oils derived from trees are Sandalwood, Palo Santo, and Cedarwood. These oils help us center our energy, and help those of us who are sensitive and easily influenced to find a sense of our authentic self. All three of these oils are excellent emotional and physical support aids. They are holistic wound healers, that can help heal body ailments and aid emotional suffering, anxiety and depression. Sandalwood and Palo Santo essential oils encourage acceptance, help quiet the mind, and support inner unity; which makes them perfect meditation and spiritual tools.

Creating an even deeper connection within the earth, we have the roots of the plant. The roots main purpose is to anchor the plant to soil, and absorb water and nutrients that are vital to the plants growth. Oils extracted from roots can strengthen ourselves to help us tap into what we need; security, peace of mind, strong sense of self. Essential oils extracted from roots can support us through times of high anxiety and fear and instability.

One of the most notable oils distilled from roots is Vetiver. With roots that can grow over 8 feet deep, Vetiver can connect us with Earth and Earth’s energies. Vetiver is a great example of an oil that brings peace of mind and clarity. It helps us focus and is great for those who experience ADHD. It helps replace anxiety, fear and instability, with feelings of oneness and strength.


Essential oils distilled from wood and roots ground us and help us connect with ourselves and with our source. There are many ways to use aromatherapy for grounding. Since these oils are the essence of wood and roots, they tend not to be good oils to choose for a diffuser. They oils are viscous in nature and tend to clog diffusers.

TOPICAL- You can simply take a about a teaspoon of unscented lotion on your palm, a single drop of the grounding oil of your choice, rub together, inhale deeply, and apply remaining oil on arms, legs, or feet. They are also excellent in sprays, lotions, and perfumes.

SPRAY AND INHALE - I have special grounding Spirit Spritzer Aromatherapy Sprays and aromatherapy inhalers. (Just click on the photos below!)

You can also always request a specialized custom blend by me! Feel free to contact me for more details!

Grounding Aromatherapy Sprays and Inhalers

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