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This sweet little bloom is a decorative, easy-to-use countertop diffuser. All you need to enjoy is your favorite essential oils, or simply have as decor when not in use!


A "passive" diffuser uses no electricity or water. The white bloom is porous and unglazed, allowing essential oils to absorb and add a gentle aroma to the air. Just apply your oils directly to the bloom and enjoy.


This fragrant bloom is perfect to diffuse for smaller spaces like the office, bathroom, desk, or nightstand. 


Comes with a natural wooden base and a white gift box with instructions for use. 


Add therapeutic essential oils to make it a complete set! 


These Passive Diffusers make great gifts!  Feel free to leave a note for your receiver. Packing lists do not share pricing information. :)  

Fragrant Bloom Passive Diffuser

  • How to use:

    Apply 8-15 drops of essential oil directly to the white bloom and allow a few minutes for the oils to absorb. Typically, the scent will diffuse for about 3-6 hours on average. 

    Feel free to switch up the scent whenever you can't smell the oils anymore.

    *It is perfectly normal for oils to discolor the white plaster. Please keep this in mind when deciding where to place the oil drops. To clean, use a cotton cloth dipped in mixed water and white vinegar, and gently rub clean.

  • Passive Diffuser Details

    Comes in a white gift box with instructions. 

$10 & Under