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Essential Oils for Camping

Build your own Natural First Aid Kit with these Outdoor Essentials

Spending time in the great outdoors sometimes comes with just a few downfalls- bug bites, scrapes, sunburns, poison oak... Here are some easy D.I.Y. all natural travel-friendly blends to add to your camping checklist to help keep your adventures nothing but sunshine and smiles. :) Yay for sunny adventures!

Band-Aid In a Bottle!

The Band-Aid in a Bottle can help:

• Calm inflammation

• Ease pain

• Restore damaged skin

• Heal small wounds

• Relieve itching of a Bug Bite

• Reduce itching and spread of Poison Oak

• Soothe stress

• Reduce germs & Support the Immune System!

All while being gentle enough for injured skin!

In a 2oz Squeeze Bottle:

1) Add 0.25oz Witch Hazel

2) Fill the rest almost to the top with Aloe Vera Liquid

3) Add Essential Oils:

4 drops Frankincense

10 drops Lavender

10 drops Cedarwood

4 drops Tea Tree

4) Add Cap, Shake well, clean wound, and gently apply as necessary.

*Make fresh every couple of weeks as this blend does not contain a preservative.


Cool the Burn with This Sunburn Soother!

This Sunburn Soother will also help repel bugs, soothe pain and inflammation, soothe headaches, and relieve itchiness!


In a 2oz spray bottle:

1) Fill bottle almost to the top with Aloe Vera Liquid

2) Add Essential Oils:

16 drops Lavender

8 drops Peppermint

3) Apply cap, shake well, and spray for a cool down, to soothe sunburns, and to hydrate

sun-drenched skin!

Apply as often as needed.

Store in the fridge or cooler for extra cooling benefits.

*Make sure to shake thoroughly before use to combine essential oils and aloe.

*Make fresh every couple of weeks as this blend does not contain a preservative.


The best essential oils for any outdoor adventure:

Lavender: antibacterial, repels mosquitos, soothes bites & sunburns, and great for getting to sleep.

Lemon: antibacterial, pain-relieving, astringent, & cooling- also helps remove the stickiness of tree sap!

Peppermint: antibacterial, pain-relieving, repels mosquitos, soothes bug bites, & helps cool you down.

Tea Tree: antibacterial, anti-fungal, soothes bug bites, repels mosquitos, can be mixed with Aloe to reduce redness and swelling of Poison Oak.

If you need any of these supplies to make your Natural First Aid Kit, The Topsy Blends Apothecary has everything you need! Not to mention Natural Bug Spray, SPF antioxidant cream, and SPF rich Red Raspberry Seed Oil!

Happy sunny adventures ahead!

Your Neighborhood Aromatherapist,

Rachel London


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