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Therapeutic Oils

A brief overview of Therapeutic Essential Oils

for Health and Immune Support!

Therapeutic oils have been used since ancient times. It is believed that the first use of essential oils is dated back to prehistoric times when they were used to create paintings on the walls of caves. The first recorded therapeutic use of essential oils was by Egyptians as far back as 4500 BC. Cleopatra's beauty has been attributed to her spa treatments featuring essential oils and salt from the Dead sea!


While they have never stopped being implemented in natural health care, modern medicine has seemingly overlooked them. Many physicians, healers, homemakers, and apothecaries are increasing awareness of the power of oils for health and immune support because they are effective and have much fewer side effects. Combining modern medicine with proven ancient therapeutic oils can be just what the body needs for vitality and longevity.
If you are new to aromatherapy and therapeutic essential oils, no need to fret! The directions are fairly simple. Natural remedies are highly intuitive although they are also backed by ancient practice and modern science. For most therapeutic essential oils you can simply open the vial and take deep inhalations to start to feel the benefits. 


To diffuse the essential oil into a larger area for the whole room to enjoy you can add them to a diffuser that uses water and humidity to spread the therapeutic goodness, or you can put a bowl of hot water with a few drops of the oil on a counter. The most effective method is a diffuser or a specialized inhaler but there is really no wrong way, as long as you are not orally consuming the therapeutic oils as they are too concentrated and potent to be safely taken internally. Some will add a few drops to their bathwater, on their kitchen sink sponge, directly in the toilet to deodorize, and in various places depending on the specific therapeutic oil needed in the area and at the time. The uses are vast and when you step into the world of using oils for health and immune support!

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