A new generation salt lamp! This Salt Lamp can be used in 3 ways. It can be used as an air ionizer, purifier, and essential oil diffuser. 


Salt lamps have been known to have numerous health benefits. They can help with:


🌿Reducing allergy symptoms 

🌿Breathing clearer

🌿Keeps electromagnetic radiation at bay

🌿Pink Salt Crystals remove pollen, dust, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air

🌿Help us sleep better 

🌿It lowers stress and anxiety with its negatively charged ions into the air and has a soothing effect on our moods.


All of these benefits, in addition to being an essential oil diffuser! 


Need some essential oils to go with the new diffuser? Check out your organic essential oil options HERE! >> https://www.topsyblends.com/therapeutic-essential-oils-1



Size: 4.5" width X 5.4" height

Material: Salt Rock-Glass-Polymer Clay

Design: Clear Square

Color: Multi

Power Source: Dimmer Cord

Electric Material: 6' Ft UL Listed cord with base and dimmer switch button

Light Bulb15W B-12

Each Himalayan CrystalLitez package includes: (handcrafted glass bowl, 6 ft ul listed dimmer cord with base, 15w light bulbs and 2.2 lbs salt rocks with spare ones).

Salt Lamp + Essential Oil Diffuser

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