Bring the outside ambiance into your home or office space with this Mountain View Diffuser! 


The rich light color can switch between multiple colors, or hold on a particular color with a long-running time of 20 hours. 


Add 15-20 drops of therapeutic essential oil of your choice for a lovely aromatherapy experience or to purify your space. 


Available in a black or white base.



Misting Duration: about 26 hours for low / 20 hours for high
Product size: 6.6" x 6.6" x 4.72" 
Power: < 10 w
Atomized vibration frequency: 2.4MHz 
Main material: PET plastic
Usable area: about 10-15 square meters 
Power supply: standard adapter 
Tank capacity: about 400ml 
Accessories: manual, adapter

Mountain View Diffuser/Humidifier

Base Color