An ultra hydrating lip balm to soften even the driest of lips! 


Your choice of flavor- either The Orginal, or Peppermint. ♥


The Original Lush Lips is the tried and true recipe. It has won over those of us who are extra particular about our chapsticks! Myself included. It has no added essential oil, but tastes amazing with just a hint of coconut. 


The Peppermint Lip Balm guessed it! Like Peppermint. Perfect for a little pick me up throughout the day, post meal, or whenever you want an uplifting lip treatment. 


Either of these lip balms can double as healthy cuticle remedies!


If you want multiple chapsticks- save $$ by ordering 3! >> Set of 3 Lip Balms ♥ 


Looking for a little extra color in your life? Try the all natural tinted lip balm! Same consistency of the Lush Lips, just with a pop of color. Click HERE




Lush Lip Chapstick


This lip balm is made with all organic, moisturizing powerhouse ingredients: 


🌿The perfect blend of organic beeswax, organic jojoba wax, organic coconut oil, and vitamin E. ( Peppermint essential oil in Peppermint, and no added essential oil to Original).