A lovely lip companion to the Lush Lips Chapstick, Blush Lips! An all natrual, super moisturizing lip tint. 


Same lip nourishing ingredients as the tried and true Lush Lips, but now with a little pop of color! 


Blush Lips comes in your choice of two colors- Dark Peony or Sweet Rose. If you are more of a maroon/plum color gal, go for the Dark Peony. If you like to keep it bright and light, go for the Sweet Rose!


They both have the same flavor with a hint of vanilla & coconut. 


You have your choice of one of each color, or two of the same! ♥

Blush Lips Combo Pack - All Natural Lip Tint Set of 2


This lip balm is made with all organic, moisturizing powerhouse ingredients: 

🌿The perfect blend of organic beeswax, organic jojoba wax, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, Pure Vanilla Essential Oil, and mica powder.