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​Personalized Gifts Specific Conditions Scent Preferences

Plant Shadow

Personal consultations or custom products handcrafted just for you or for someone you love!

Make aromatherapy personal!​

Battling an ailment you don't see a product for?

Let me know and we can create something just for you. We can chat via email or in person at the apothecary for a one-on-one consultation about your ailment or condition and create an aromatherapy blend to enhance your personal well-being.

Holiday, wedding, or birthday coming up?

Make a gift extra special by adding someone's name, a favorite quote, or uplifting message on a personalized label!

Love certain smells, but hate others?

Our sense of smell can be very subjective. I can make an assortment of products made with your favorite scents.

Create aromatherapy inhalers, roll-ons, sprays, massage oils, lotions, balms, chapsticks, and more!

Check out the custom blends below for ideas and examples.

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