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If you are looking for an apothecary in Eugene!

Have you been hunting for a quality resource of aromatherapy blends, therapeutic oils, all-natural skincare, and natural living supplies? Topsy Blends is your all-natural shop with items created and cultivated for quality and health benefits and owned by a certified aromatherapist who has had personal experience and training in aromatherapy at the apothecary. If you need an apothecary in Eugene,  browse the shop today to find out all the natural resources I offer.

What does the term apothecary mean? Apothecary means a person who is trained and practices the art and science of blending ingredients to make remedies, or healing elixirs, therapeutic oils, teas, and more. A pharmacist and a wise healer in a kitchen preparing a ginseng and honey blend for her family are apothecaries alike. There is extensive research on the effectiveness of certain ingredients, straight from nature for soothing ailments, and bringing desired effects on humans. I am proud to be a local resource for your search for a quality apothecary near me.

I learned the art of healing and improving overall wellness because I had health issues that seemed to be chronic and increasing until I discovered more natural routes. If you have been searching for an apothecary near me, I will be happy to provide you with quality aromatherapy blends and more. As I evolved on my journey of learning about natural remedies, wholesome ingredients from the earth, and viewing the body as a whole, I started making things for myself to use. I made household cleaners that worked effectively but were less harsh on the lungs and the environment, I made skincare products and endless aromatherapy blends, and as my skills evolved my friends and family started asking me to make them natural products as well. My business evolved from there. I am proud to serve the community as a quality apothecary in Eugene and I look forward to meeting your holistic healing needs.